Spark!, a Semi-Sweet Cider

Spark! has been a customer favorite for several years. Made with Alpenfire’s traditional cider apples and Lazy J’s heirloom varieties it is the perfect blend of old world and new world cider. Just enough tannin to keep it interesting and just the right acidity to keep it refreshingly light.

Alpenfire Cider
Washington, USA

Limited SKU 786129 (12 x 750ml)

Pirates Plank, an Organic Scrumpy

Walk the plank with this Port Townsend special Cider! An estate blend of bittersharp and bittersweet apples. Aged in neutral oak 3-4 months, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bottle conditioned. This West Country style certified organic cider is made to rob you of your misconceptions.

Alpenfire Cider
Washington, USA

Limited SKU 554709 (12 x 500ml)


Stock Name SKU Format Region
LimitedAlpenfire Pirates Plank55470912 x 500mlWashington
LimitedAlpenfire Spark!78612912 x 750mlWashington
LimitedAstarbe Mendiola56910312 x 750mlGipuzkoa
LimitedAstarbe Byhur3771926 x 750mlGipuzkoa
Sold OutAstarbe Byhur 245801426 x 750mlGipuzkoa
AvailableBereziartua25670112 x 750mlGipuzkoa
AvailableBereziartua20630320L KegGipuzkoa
Sold OutGraft Farm Flor15115120L KegNew York
Sold OutGraft Lost Tropic15115420L KegNew York
Sold OutGraft Where Secrets Lie15114820L KegNew York
AvailableGraft Farm Flor2370386 x 4 x 355mlNew York
AvailableGraft Lost Tropic2370356 x 4 x 355mlNew York
AvailableGraft Where Secrets Lie2370436 x 4 x 355mlNew York
AvailableIsastegi42972012 x 750mlGipuzkoa
LimitedLarraldea53339812 x 750mlNavarra
AvailableQuebrada del Chucao Brut20033212 x 750mlAraucania
AvailableQuebrada del Chucao Brut Nature20032612 x 750mlAraucania
AvailableScenic Road Dry95808212 x 500mlBC
AvailableScenic Road Nearly Dry59267512 x 500mlBC
AvailableScenic Road Razz76733512 x 500mlBC
AvailableScenic Road Nearly Dry02092020L KegBC
AvailableScenic Road Razz02091520L KegBC
LimitedShacksbury Basque67786412 x 750mlVermont
AvailableShacksbury Arlo0521546 x 4 x 355mlVermont
AvailableShacksbury Citrus Spritz1402756 x 4 x 355mlVermont
LimitedShacksbury Dry0470686 x 4 x 355mlVermont
LimitedShacksbury Semi Dry9973536 x 4 x 355mlVermont
LimitedValveran 20 Manzanas1741006 x 375mlAsturias
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