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6 B.C. craft cideries worth a sip

Feels like it was just yesterday that the only options for cider at the liquor store were mass-produced libations like Magners, Strongbow and Sir Perry; but times have certainly changed, and quickly too. Larger apple-producing regions like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and British Columbia have really been getting into the craft cider game as of late. The result are some truly delicious and refreshing drinks made from apple or a combination of apples and other stone fruits or aromatics and botanicals...

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Here's Your Go-To Cider This Summer

An amazing cider can be the perfect drink for summer: delicate, crisp and refreshing. And thanks to America's recent hard cider obsession, you can find more brands than ever before. But in some ways, these two cider truths don't always coalesce: Though potentially summer-friendly ciders, ones that come in 12-ounce bottles or (even better) cans are easy to find, most of them leave us wanting...

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The Provence

Wine Guy - Summer sidra

Recent forays to a few of the private liquor stores around town have turned up some pleasant surprises. I'm specifically referring to the recent availability of "sidra," which is simply Spanish for cider - A.K.A. fantastic fermented apple juice! Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Spanish cider, particularly bottles from the Basque Country. From that first taste way back when as a day tripping, Barcelona-based international exchange student to ciders shared in San Sebastien and Getaria during my honeymoon, I've long enjoyed sidra. And truthfully, this typically lip-smacking, tart, and crisp style of cider is a perfect companion for these dog days of summer...

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Scout Magazine

On Throwing Yeasty Cider From On High In The Basque Region Of Spain

Cider, or "Sidra" in Spanish, has always had a bit of a personality issue here on the west coast. With grad party crushers like Mike's Hard Lemonade and Grower's Peach or Pear having largely defined the drink in the minds of a majority of British Columbians for a couple of generations now, it's no wonder that the vast and varied world of the fermented apple never accrued much in the way of a dedicated local following...

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