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Woodland Empire Ale Craft goes beyond just making awesome beer, it’s about building a community. We love to collaborate with like-minded craftsman to make beers, artwork, and have events. We also love to collaborate with local charity groups and non-profits that have a goal of making the world better and our community stronger.

Making beer doesn’t have to just be an industrial process of manufacturing raw materials into a commercially-viable product. Artistry, integrity and community are all elements we put into everything we make. As brewers we draw inspiration to create our concoctions from music, books, people and organizations that we love and respect. Our hope as a brewery is to build a strong community around us with like-minded folks who love to live to the fullest and enjoy great beer.


Stock Name SKU Format Region
LimitedBeast Moans, Imperial Stout02880112 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutElectric Warrior, Oatmeal Stout05453612 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutGold Days, Belgian Inspired Tripel02871012 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutMaybe Ghosts, Smoked Saison25821012 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutMoondog, American Amber Ale47758812 x 650mlIdaho
LimitedSet Em Wild, Set Em Free, Berliner-Weisse06601912 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutYirge, Coffee Saison96432012 x 650mlIdaho
Sold OutCity of Trees, Idaho Pale Ale75766659L KegIdaho
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